Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Information

  1.1 What is AVS/Express?
  1.2 What's new in AVS/Express 6.0?
What is the difference between AVS/Express Visualization Edition and
AVS/Express Developers Edition?
  1.4 What operating systems are supported?
  1.6 Is training available for AVS/Express?
  1.7 Is there a mailing list for AVS/Express?
  1.8 Are there web sites for AVS/Express users?

2. Visualization

When I specify the coordinates of the nodes in a Field, do I need to specify the
coordinates with x first, then y, then z?
Why are multiple objects in a view transformed when I select and transform just a
single object?
  2.3 Why does my 2D slice seem to move in the viewer as I change the slice plane?
Is there a module to convert float data values to byte type so that I can volume
render my data?
  2.5 When specifying a cell set, which cell set values do I need to set?
  2.6 What is the difference between Read_Geom and Read_Geoms?
  2.7 Is there a module that takes unstructured data and outputs structured data?
  2.8 Are uniform Fields less computationally intensive than unstructured Fields?
  2.9 How can I modify my 3D view (slice, for example)?

3. Graphics Display

  3.1 How can I make an object in the viewer non-transformable?
  3.2 Can AVS/Express produce transparent polylines?
What happens if I set rendering properties - such as object color or highlights - on
an image?
  3.4 Is there any way to save the the polytri strips created by the renderer?
  3.5 Why don't I see anything happen in the viewer when I z-translate an object?
  3.6 Why did my object disappear when I toggled the perspective viewing projection?
  3.7 Does depth cueing apply to lines or objects?
Why do I lose the shading on my object when use the texture_mesh module for
texture mapping?
  3.9 Does AVS/Express support higher order elements?
  3.10 Does AVS/Express support 3D picking (ie, with x, y, and z coordinates returned)?
  3.11 Does AVS/Express support Stereo viewing?

4 Network Editor

How can I see the full name of the module in a library when the name exceeds the
width of the library column?
  4.2 How are multi-dimensional arrays of groups represented in the Network Editor?
  4.3 Can I add to or change the information in an Info pop-up menu?
  4.4 When can I have more than one object connected to another?
  4.5 What do the interrupt and disable buttons on the DataViewer do?
  4.6 What is the little square tab on the output end of some objects?
If I accidentally close my SingleWindowApp object (Data Viewer window), how can
I make it visible again?
  4.8 How is the port order in a macro determined?

5. The Object Manager & V

How do I remove a property, such as a user defined property, which cannot be
accessed through the Propeties Editor?
Can I implement a remote module that runs on a machine of a different architecture
than the one on which I'm I'm running?
  5.3 When are values of references computed?
  5.4 When groups are merged, are properties of the merged objects also merged?
  5.5 Can I add to an array in V?
  5.6 Does the Object Manager do any write locks on objects, such as arrays?
  5.7 Are object names case-sensitive?
  5.8 When do I use an mlink vs. link?
  5.9 Can I specify that an object inherit from a primitive like int?
What is the difference between the combine_array and concat_array functions in

6. Templates

  6.1 Why are some template libraries empty?
Why do some of the AVS/Express's library objects have parentheses around their

7. File Import Tool

  7.1 What does the cache toggle in the File Import Tool do?
When a file is opened using a File object (File Import module), when does it get
What if the amount of data I specify to read using the File Import Tool is greater than
the amount of data stored in the file?

8. User Interface

When I set a font in a UIshell, is this font inherited by all of the UIshell's child
  8.2 Can I limit the size of a UItext typein?
How do I display hourglass cursor when my module fires?
How would I capture all x,y values from UItwoPoint so that I could use x,y results to,
for example, draw (ROI) lines?
  8.5 Can I make multi-line text fields smaller?
Is the Windows NT version of the UI Kit based on the MFC (Microsoft Foundation
Classes) library?
  8.7 Is there a built-in function to return the length of a string?

9. Modules

  9.1 Does the AVS/Express C++ interface support overloaded operators?
  9.2 What is the difference between methods, omethods and cmethods?

10. Printing

  10.1 Does the Print Editor reinterpret the polygons?
  10.2 Does the PrintViewer scale pictures?

11. GIS Kit

  11.1 What equations are used for the mapping projections supported by the GIS?

12. Annotation and Graphing

  12.1 What do limitsX and limitsY do in the AG Viewport object?
  12.2 How are the number and position of labels computed by the axes objects?
  12.3 How can I create graphs of discontinuous data?

13. Database Kit

What happens if I try to fetch database data of a type which is not supported by

14. Licensing

How many and what kind of licenses do I need when running AVS/Express in
client-server mode?

15. AVS5 Compatibility

  15.1 Are the animation capabilities of AVS5 available in AVS/Express?

16. Developing applicaitons with AVS/Express

  16.1 How can I improve performance?

17. PC Specific Issues

  17.1 Which PC graphics cards does AVS recommend?
  17.2 How do I debug a module in the user process on Windows?
When true scale is enabled on Windows, why do the dimensions of the picture I
see on the screen differ from what is printed?
Under Windows 95 and 98, why are printouts from my color printer sometimes in
black and white?
How do I resolve an 'out of environment space' error when trying to relink
AVS/Express under Windows 95 and 98?