What's New in AVS/Express 6.1


The handling of large data sets has been greatly improved with the addition of the HDF5 (Hierarchical Data Format) based reader and writer. HDF5 can be used to used to store multi gigabyte datasets. AVS/Express takes advantage of HDF5's abilities to select subsets of the data file before the data is read into memory. (more...)

Image Capture AVI compression

Image Capture now contains the means to compress AVI files and to choose the compression type and parameters. Additionally, writing uncompressed AVI files in AVS/Express 6.1 will be will be faster than in 6.0. (more...)

Normalize VRML

There is now a setting in Output VRML which allows normals to be suppressed.

Volume Rendering Example

A new Volume Rendering example shows advanced use of the ColorMap Editor to control transparency.