What's New in AVS/Express 6.2

New Wizards

Wizards are a new addition to AVS/Express. The new wizards will help new AVS/Express users to learn and understand the visualization facilities built into AVS/Express. These wizards will also allow the novice AVS/Express user to create an application by making a series of simple choices.

The Data Import Wizard will step the user through selecting the correct reader module to import the user's data file into AVS/Express The Data Visualization Wizard will step the user through creating an application by giving the user choices based the characteristics
of the dataset being visualized. (more...)

New Demos

Five new demos have been added to AVS/Express. The new demos are equipped with a help button and a summary page which describes each one. Each demo is designed to demonstrate various aspects of a functioning application. (More)

Summaries added to Examples

Summary panels have been added to each of the examples. The panels explain the the example. There are two buttons on the panel, one for more help and another to exit and delete the example from the workspace.

New Start Page in the Network Editor

A new start page has been added to the Network Editor. This page is designed to help the new AVS/Express user learn to create applications with ease. The new start page includes menus for data import, visualizations, view export, examples and demos. (More)

New Readers

Several new readers have been added to AVS/Express. These new readers enhance AVS/Express' ability to read in files in an array of simple formats such as, a grid oriented text, a raw binary file, or raw ascii files. The readers have been named, Rd_Txt_Grid, Rd_Bin_Sequence and Rd_Txt_Sequence. In addition to the new readers, Read_Column_File has been renamed Rd_Txt_Columns. (More)

Launch Browser

A new addition to AVS/Express is the ability add a button to your application that will launch a help browser for user written help.

Transparency Support

Transparency support has been added to the geometry flipbook.

Miscellaneous Image Support.

Support for BMP format output has been added to Write_Image and OutputImage. Support for PPM and PGM format files has been added for the Network Editor pixmaps and the UI pixmaps. As long as the image files have a standard filename extension (.x, .bmp, .ppm, .pgm, .xbm) it is no longer necessary to use the one of the properties NEsmallPixmapType or NElargePixmapType for Network Editor pixmaps or set the string UIpixmap.fileType for UI pixmaps.

CGNS Reader Upgraded

The CGNS reader has been upgraded to use CGNS library version 2.1

AVS5 Compatibility Kit Page in Network Editor Removed

The Network Editor page for the AVS5 compatibility kit has been removed. However, the AVS5 compatibility kit still exists in AVS/Express and can be used much as before. The Network Editor page can be restored in a project by creating a project-specific version of lib_xp.v or lib_vxp.v.