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Imtools is a collection of command-line utilities for manipulating and format-converting raster image files. The most recent version of Imtools, v3.0, is circa 1995; the project is no longer under active development, but the technology will be included as part of the NPACI Scalable Visualization effort. Source and binaries may be downloaded from the SDSC site; visit the links in the Additional Resources section below.


Imtools consist of the following:

Accessing Imtools

On, use the modules facility to access Imtools:

	% module load imtools


Imconv performs one-step raster file format conversion, and also supports a limited number of non-raster formats. From the command line, you can explicitly specify the image file type or imconv will attempt to automatically deduce the file format type.

To convert a gif file to PostScript you could do any of the following:

  1. imconv -gif infile -ps outfil
  2. imconv infile -ps outfile
  3. imconv infile

For a list of the file formats supported do man imconv or imconv -fullhelp

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