UTCHEM VR Project Image Gallery

Misc Images.

An experiment for another of the ESD Researchers. Among other things, non-uniform depth is present in the layered permeability model.

MPEG Movies - Volume Rendering

There are two MPEG movies available. These show the evolution of the water front as it passes through a semi-random permeability field. The permeability is rendered using direct volume rendering, while the water and oil fronts are visualized as isosurfaces. There are about 200 frames in each movie.

A single time step from the MPEG movie.

Preparation for Presentation to LBL Ops/Overhead, 8/2002

Quicktime movie (50MB) showing evolution of water flood over time using two different locations for the injection well.

Janet's Sequences for the SPE talk

Sequence 1

These are snapshots taken while flying around through the data with the VR input device.

Sequence 2

These show the progression of the water flood over time. The viewpoint is static, looking down in plan-view into the model.

Sequence 3

Shows the evolution of an oil finger created by the water flooding process.