Tue Feb 18 16:37:08 PST 1997
I'd welcome talks on the following topics:
- Java, JavsScript
- Vendor bashing
- DOE bashing
- Works-in-progress involving vis, parallel issues, etc.

Topics which I won't miss:
- "hard copy"
- "standards"

Remember, your comments are all anonymous.  I don't even bother to
look at any of your environment variables (like your name) - you are
perfectly anonymous, so bash away.


Sat Mar 1 15:33:06 PST 1997

Mon Mar 3 14:32:43 PST 1997
Well I was going to ask for a talk on "Hard Copy Standards", but I don't want to upset Wes. However, I would be interested on talks about whether the Web World is going to dominate visualization, throught things like:
1) Will the Java Graphics Tool Kits wipe out XWindows ?
2) Will 3D be dominated by VRML 2.0 browsers, perhaps in combination with Java ?
3) Will there be a place for MPP visualization ?

Mon Mar 10 12:56:44 PST 1997
What is happening ASCI wise at the other sites.

Anybody doing any parallel vis applications.  


Thu Mar 13 10:03:21 PST 1997
Regarding the ASCI/Parallel Vis stuff .... someone from Los Alamos
may want to follow up.  I have an SBIR with CEI (EnSight) and it is
my understanding that there has been some ASCI interest in this work.
My SBIR is to do parallel/distributed vis work.   I am planning on
giving a talk on this at the Meeting.


Thu Mar 13 10:19:47 PST 1997
Arthurine Breckenridge and other members on her projects are doing some exciting work. We would be willing to talk
in the following efforts

1) dynamic isosurfacing using k-d trees pre-processed with MPI
    and human compter interface; 3d color bar displaying mutiple isosufaces with different values.
2) The next-generation mouse -- how we use a force feedback device
    for navigation and force in scientific apps
3) Virtual Collaborative Environments  SNL actuslly prepared a
    4 hour tutorial on this area ranging from detail topics
    in networking; G7 Demo with Germany; VRML 2.0 living worlds 
    effort and numerous other areas are divided into 20-30

Fri Mar 14 14:56:41 PST 1997
1) ASCI Vis -- this is driving so much work at Sandia, LANL, LLNL
that it will be only natural to discuss some of the work at the forum
(for what it's worth, I passed the Forum dates along to certain key
ASCI Vis people at DOE in hopes of minimizing any conflict with the
ASCI PI meeting, which will probably be around that time).

2) MP visualization -- this is an area strongly supported by ASCI

3) I'd love to hear about what people are doing with VRML (or, a 
panel which speculates on VRML's role in our lives).

4) Image-based rendering, QuickTime VR, etc. -- is anyone doing
any work based on this technology in support of Scientific Vis.????


Wed Mar 26 07:20:16 PST 1997
The ASCI PI meeting is scheduled on May 19-23 at Livermore so we
have an obvious conflict.  ASCI is definately driving the visualization projects at Los Alamos.

Mon Apr 7 08:46:39 PDT 1997

Mon Apr 7 08:47:44 PDT 1997
There is some good news... The ASCI PI meeting which had conflicted 
with the Forum meeting has been moved into early June.  This should
make it easier for all of us.

-Robert L. Gurule

Fri May 2 22:17:58 PDT 1997