Final Program for the DOE 1997 Computer Graphics Forum

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Invited Presentation


The Web

Virtual Reality

Parallel Visualization

Modeling and Big Data

ASCI: Session One

Each of the three labs will give presentations about it's activities pertaining to the ASCI program.

ASCI: Session Two

ASCI Common Infrastructure.


PC Graphics

This panel will discuss issues pertaining to an emerging fact-of-life: that PC's are becoming more viable as a desktop delivery medium for scientific graphics.


This panel will be a forum to make a short presentation about a work-in-progress.

  • Donuts and DNA Kevin Campbell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    The primary goal of the LBNL Visualization group is to work with researchers to visualize their data. In this talk I will discuss several current projects, including displaying toroidal Tokamak data for fusion researchers, virtually exploring copper mines in Chile, visualizing large data sets from the Computational Accelerator Grand Challenge, examining radiation damage to DNA, and helping nuclear scientists visualize mind-bendingly high-dimensional spaces.

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