Registration Form for the 1997 DOE Computer Graphics Forum

             1997 DOE Computer Graphics Forum

                     May 19 - 21, 1997

               Snow King Resort, Jackson, Wy

            Registration Form - Due May 2, 1997

First Name__________________  Last Name________________________


Department______________________________  Mail Stop____________

Postal Address_________________________________________________


Telephone___________________  Fax______________________________


1997 DOE Computer Graphics Forum Registration - $150.00

Make check payable to:  97 DOE CGF/LMITCO

send attention:  L. Eric Greenwade
                 P.O. Box 1625, MS-3605
                 Idaho Falls, ID  83415-3605

This registration fee includes all conference costs including
Sunday night reception, breaks, Tuesday Banquet, e-mail room
as well as facility specific charges.

Again, the dates are May 19-21 at the Snow King Resort in Jackson, WY.
The number there is 307.733.5200 (general) and the reservation number
is 800.522.KING.  To get the negotiated conference rate use the identifier
DOECGF.  The conference rates are $55/single, $65/double, $75/triple,
$85/quad and $110/suite.  Extra person charges are $10/night.

The rooms are scheduled to be released from the conference reservation
30 days prior to the meeting, i.e. April 19th.

Questions? Contact:

L. Eric Greenwade                   Consulting Scientist
Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies  Visualization Group Leader 
Idaho National Engineering Lab.     INTERNET: leg@INEL.GOV
POB 1625, M.S. 3605                 Phone: +1-208-526-1276
Idaho Falls, ID  83415-3605         FAX:   +1-208-526-4017

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