1997 DOE Computer Graphics Forum Site Report Survey

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  1. General Identification
    Site name
    Site Division or Group
    Site Representative
    Last Name
    First Name
    Site Rep Mailing Address, including phone, fax and email.

  2. What Does Your Group Do?
    • Define the ongoing mission of your site and group.
    • Describe the past year's activities of your group.
    • What are the plans and priorities for the upcoming year?

  3. What's in Your Stable?
    • Hardware:
    • Software:
    • Current Staff?

  4. Planned acquisitions in:
    • Hardware:
    • Software:
    • Personnel:

  5. Miscellaneous:
    • Describe how you are using the Web and related tools at your site.
    • Describe one positive experience with a vendor this past year.
    • Describe one negative experience with a vendor this past year.
    • Anything else to say?
All Done?

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